Apr 04 2014

Lumos Concept Arts

So yeah, I decided to name my diploma Lumos. Not sure it’ll stay though, time will tell. In the meantime, here are some new concept arts supposed to portray ingame screenshots of Lumos, or at least what I’d like it to look like. It’s a real challenge to adapt a 2D art direction in 3D, especially when at the same time you’re still almost new to the 3D softwares you’re supposed to use, but it sure is a great opportunity to learn a lot.


Just to paint the scene, Lumos is a first-person horror adventure game, in which you play the role of a little boy, called Dip, whose dad works as a night security guard in a huge department store, and went patrolling while leaving Dip sleeping in the control room. Until the storm gets louder, and a thunder makes the power go out. Dip, with the help of a flashlight, decides to venture in the department store to look for his dad. But little does he know, that in the dark, some scary things in the department store come to life…



And here is an older one, that I made some times ago, and edited a bit since. At the time, I was still looking for a good art direction for the environment, and it was the first picture out of all those before, in which I felt I was going somewhere interesting.



And that’ll be all for now, because I have to go back to work. I’m behind my schedule, and overall really stressed about finishing in time, which is why I’m spending an average of 13 hours a day behind my school’s computer. Yep, my school has became my new home, entirely. To the point I wish it could be open on Saturdays and Sundays too. Gosh, isn’t that utterly sad? Jeez.


Radio Silence

Feb 11 2014

Character Design Evolution

Not sure a lot of people know, but this year is my fourth and final year at Emile Cohl school. Meaning I have a diploma at the end of the school year, where I will have to showcase a game project, along two video trailers. Slowly but surely, things are getting together. It’s not easy, as we work alone on our projects, and the amount of things to do is quite huge. It puts us in front of numerous challenges never met before, that we have to deal alone mostly. It is terrifying and self-fulfilling at the same time, and as students, we all go through various ups and downs because of it.


I have been focusing on the Character Design part of my project these past few weeks. I’ve started to work on it months ago, but with the help of my teachers, I feel like I finally found a good direction for my project.
Here is the progress of my work on the Character Design, just so you know where I started, what I’ve gone through, and where I am right now.


First sketches, about the hero and his dad.


First real direction, but wasn’t relevant enough.


Reworking my character, and starting to get my hands on something.


Latest version of the Character Design of the hero, his dad, and some enemies.


Character Design of the enemies being fashion dummies mixed with objects.


So as you can see, I drifted quite a lot from where I started, but I had to go through all that in order to finally find something nice and relevant to my project. I don’t think I’m done yet, and it might change still, but I feel like it’s starting to become something, at last.
Now, I just have to work on backgrounds and architecture. AHAHAHAH Ah. ah. Shit.

Going back to work ._.


Radio Silence

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